Making a Living through Online Income!

February 27, 2011

These days all the businesses utilize more technology and the internet in the workplace, people who were once relegated to 9 to 5 office jobs are finding ways to do not only traditional work online, but entirely new venues and money making opportunities that have enabled them to make a living online.

Couple of them which can help you in making an additional income stream…
  1. Use what you know to make a living online. If you’re an expert in a field use that knowledge to make money online. Most companies have websites, and some businesses are entirely online. What every business needs to maintain a strong online presence is written content and an expert voice. Contact online companies with what you can contribute via timely and expert articles, tips and reviews.They can pay you weekly or monthly. Get a contract signed up
  2. Gone are the days when sales were relegated to door to door sales. You can effectively sell products online without being involved in the actual sale, shipping or customer service portions of the transaction. Affiliate marketing involves creating a website fashioned to sell a company’s products and when people purchase the product through your website, you get a portion of the proceeds. Many companies have turnkey websites that require almost no setup on your part.Now its easy to sell products/ anything you wish to online with a few clicks of the mouse..
  3. Make a living online by utilizing the power of a worldwide audience by selling your own crafts, personal items or even items you find at thrift stores or estate sales. Online auctions and sites geared toward crafts and collectibles will list your items for a small fee of the sale price. Make sales on your own products. Nearly anything can be bought and sold on the internet.So never hesitate to sell!
  4. Have your own website geared to make money online. Get a brand new website geared to a particular niche and sign up with affiliate programs and advertising agencies like Google Adsense. Not only will you earn money every time someone makes a purchase, you will make money when someone clicks an ad on your website. Many people make a living online using only these methods.For having website of your own SrishtiIndia is one which you can rely for a better deal.
  5. If you are a writer, and want to Write to make a living online? Fresh content is vital to the success of any online business and many websites and businesses pay you to write articles and reviews on a wide variety of things. Optimally, you will use a company that offers residual or passive income on your writing. Which means you will earn on your writing for as long as it’s displayed on their site. Look into freelance writing sites and content producers hiring new writers.
All the best!
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TOP Rules to Increase Productivity in Your Home Based Business

April 2, 2010

For people who are into a  Home based business, It gives  a great feeling of adventure at the start but, soon enough, reality sets in and you figure out this is going to be WORK.. if you are going to get anywhere. You compulsorily need to have to set up some guidelines… if you are to get things done in a timely fashion. You need some rules and to make sure everyone else in the house knows them or you will be distracted every few minutes and get nothing done.A few points which can help you to maximize your productivity.

1. Set Up A Proper Work Space.
Most people don’t have an extra room to use as an office. If you are going to work at home you need some office space even if it means clearing out a corner of your bedroom. You have to be able to shut the door for an effective barrier from the hustle and bustle of the house.

2. Go To Work.
Make sure you set up specific hours and tell everyone, your spouse, kids, and friends not to bother you while you are at work. When the door is closed it is like you are not there and get your friends to stop calling during that time.

3. Form a Daily Routine.
Whether it is full time or part time you need to have a daily routine and that doesn’t mean you can sleep in a few days every once in a while or else that will be your routine. Have your hours scheduled and stick to it. 4.

5 Things to Do List.
At the end of every work session you should make a list of the 5 things you need to do to move your business along. Not overall concepts but specific tasks like write out an email message for your auto responder. Then the next day or whenever you get back to work, don’t check emails or phone messages or do anything else until they are done.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable.
Make sure you stay on task. It is easy to lose focus when you have no boss but if you are to be successful you have to hold yourself accountable for your time. Once time is wasted you can never get it back. 6. Turn the TV OFF! This one should go without saying but some people think they can do it and all I can say is, “would your boss let you watch TV at work?”

7. Schedule Some Breaks In Your Routine.
Make sure you take regular breaks and get some fresh air and some sunshine. You will get burned out if you try to work non-stop so go for a walk and take a lunch break.

8. Dress for Work.
Don’t just get up and start working in your pajamas. It will make you feel better and more formal if you get dressed before working and if something comes up where you need to run an errand or if you need to make a video you will be ready.

9. When Work is Over You Are Off.
Keep to your schedule and don’t alter it. When you quit for the day let your email have an auto-responder. If you let your work take over your life you will get burned out.

10. Email Time.
Establish a time for emails like after your 5 tasks are done and check them once and make a few replies and that is it. Don’t spend half the day reading emails.

11. Make Sure You Have Fun.
Working at home is supposed to be fun so don’t get stressed out and relax and enjoy yourself. Try to do as many of these as you can and remember “Fail to plan and you are planning to fail” for more Ideas to make a better and a brighter home based business enroll yourself here : Enroll here

Success Mantras

March 24, 2010

1) Smile – It works wonders. Takes nothing but gives a lot to you,Enhances your ability to mingle with lot of people.
2) Say Hi- to anonymous.. it will start a conversation. Kills your boredom. Spreads your reach to another person.
3) Update- read the current happenings. Positives.. sharing those stuff attracts people’s eyes and approach towards you.

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March 19, 2010

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Hello world!

March 19, 2010

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